* A St John’s Day Message from the Eagle *

* A St John’s Day Message from the Eagle *

The Derrynagittah Eagle Essence made on 24th June 2013

Today my Eagle essence has been flying into my consciousness! This caused me to look back at my original making notes and I was reminded that I made the essence on this same day in 2013. What a surprise and a synchronicity! 

Clearly Eagle has something to say right now! Hence I am posting a a few notes about the essence which I hope will reach wherever they need to go!

'I was gifted a feather from a White-tailed Eagle who was living locally here in Mountshannon in County Clare. On the day of making (St John’s Day 24th June and Day 3 of a workshop about the Feathered Serpent being held here by Arwyn DreamWalker) I walked the labyrinth with the feather in a Golden bowl. From the labyrinth, energies came in from Arnica, St  John’s Wort, Lady’s Mantle and Lavender. I offered prayers in the centre of the labyrinth and left the bowl there  along with a Lavender Flowerhead. The infusion was later made into the mother tincture and left on an altar overnight.’

‘The Eagle brought profound strength and power, demanding right action and offering protection for Grandmother Earth and all Her realms. Arnica was clearing layers of shock while St John’s Wort carried Light and a new story (and the energies of St John). Lady’s Mantle carried the Virtue of Heart and Lavender balanced spiritual energies and helped integration.

Eagle essence description:

Carries the courage, power and strength of eagle. Strong male energy with daring and vision, offering rejuvenation and renewal. There is a quickening of events, an acceptance of a powerful new dimension to life, a heightened responsibility for spiritual growth and caring for all beings. Demands right action.

*** Happy St John’s Day! ***

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