How to use/choose essences

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Choosing essences

There are many ways to choose essences and nothing is ‘wrong’. Trust your intuition.

Essences can be selected by simply reading the descriptions and selecting what resonates. You might choose to identify a particular issue or issues that you want to address. Alternatively, use intuitive scanning, dowsing, muscle testing, selecting cards or another method of your choice. You cannot take the 'wrong' essence. If an essence is not needed it will simply do nothing.

Vibrational essences are safe for use in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and for people of all ages, including the newborn. They have no harmful side effects and essences do not push or suppress. Pregnant and lactating women and babies have heightened sensitivity and may only require a single dose to receive significant benefit. 

How to use essences

The Derrynagittah essences are offered in 2 forms: stock essence and spray.

Stock essence is the neat essence in brandy or other spirit alcohol (we use different bases to suit different essences). These may be taken orally, either neat (2 or 3 drops under the tongue) or diluted. You can put 2 drops in a glass of water and sip this throughout the day or you can make a treatment bottle by adding 2 or 3 drops of stock to a 30ml dropper bottle of water, take 4 drops four times daily or as guided intuitively. The effect will not be reduced by dilution in water so this is the most cost-effective method. At 4 drops 4 times daily, a 30ml treatment bottle will last on average 3 weeks. This could contain one essence or several (include 2 drops of each chosen essence).

Typically, between one and five essences are taken at once but there are no rules. Equally, duration of treatment is variable. As mentioned above, effects can be instant. This may mean that only one dose is required, or it may be that continued use is of benefit to consolidate and integrate change. Sometimes essences are given sequentially, each one having a ‘key’ effect that unlocks accessibility to the next level, for instance, when breaking down stuck patterns. Suffice to say, there is no time limit to treatment.

Personally, I find dowsing with a pendulum to be an outstandingly effective method for choosing essences. This can be particularly helpful when working remotely, as well as for babies, animals and for anyone who is not able to articulate their needs or how they are feeling. It offers a way to uncover hidden causative issues, providing a diagnostic aid as well as indicating the most appropriate treatment. When available, I can offer absent dowsing for a personal treatment bottle (Select 'Shop''Other Products'). In this case, I dowse remotely (using the name given) and post you the treatment bottle with a description of what has come up, together with the indications. I will dowse for what is needed on a soul level, asking for whatever can best assist your soul at this time.

Essences may be given orally, as above; applied directly to the skin (especially effective on pulse points); a few drops added to a bath, room/aura spray, cream etc. You can also send them to others through intention; add them to an animal’s water; add to water for plants; sprinkle on the land. Crystals often enjoy an essence bath. The possibilities are endless.

Essence Sprays may contain a synergistic blend of essences or a single essence, together with aromatic waters and essential oils. All the ingredients work together to enhance the action of the spray. The essential oils, as well as adding scent and the personalities of their origin, help the essences to remain in the auric field for a longer period. The essence sprays are wonderful for spraying in the auric field and for indoor or outdoor spaces. As with the essences, sprays can be used to help humans, animals, plants, minerals, buildings, cars, the land and much more!

When working with essences it is important to consider the unconditional gift coming from the plants, minerals, nature spirits etc. Remember also those others from the invisible world who help and support us in this work. Give thanks for what is given so generously.