About us

Our Vision

We have a vision of life that honours the Sacredness and Unity of all Beings.

Our intention is to work in harmony with Nature to co-create a place of Beauty where the Earth and all Her worlds (plant, animal, mineral, human and ancestral) are honoured and respected.

Our Dream is to offer a sanctuary where people can be in communion with Nature and remember who they truly are; a place of healing, learning and transformation. We dream of a world where the heart of humanity is awakened and all beings live together in peace and harmony.


I am a herbalist and a medicine woman, a healer, priestess, author and teacher specialising in plant medicine. ‘Medicine Woman’ is a term used in many traditions. For me, it means offering myself in service to the People and to the Earth, standing in all that I am to the best of my ability, and dedicating myself to a Path of Service.

It means holding Sacred Ceremony for the People and all the Worlds of Grandmother Earth, attempting to live my life as a walking prayer. I love plants passionately and my life is dedicated to honouring the plant world. 

My Sacred Offering includes opening doorways for others so they can know their own Sacred Relationship with plants. I am dedicated to helping others to fulfil their potential.

I studied herbal medicine in England in the 1980s and at the same time undertook a training in traditional European shamanism, being initiated on this Path in 1987. In 2010 I completed a ten year apprenticeship with Arwyn DreamWalker from Arizona, a Medicine Woman of Native American and Irish descent, and lineage carrier for Grandfather Tom Wilson of the Dineh people (Navajo). My own work is a blending of Sacred Traditions, primarily Native American and European/Celtic.

Since 1987 I have been a practising medical herbalist, also working with flower essences and plant spirit medicine. In 1995 I came to Ireland with my husband Steve and our two young sons. Since then I have worked as a healer, a ceremonialist, teacher and labyrinth priestess, growing herbs and making medicines and essences. I teach sacred plant medicine and hold sacred ceremonies both in Ireland and abroad. I am founder of the Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine (FSPM), a worldwide spiritual community dedicated to honouring the sacred medicine of plants.  

I am author of 'Sacred Plant Initiations' and 'The Herbalist's Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond'.


Steve is guardian of Derrynagittah, he attends to the land and to hearth and home, holding a place of safety, protection and heart.

Marion is currently an apprentice of Carole’s on the Way of the Wise Healer, and works with Carole as her assistant at Derrynagittah. 

Rory, Carole and Steve's son, works at Derrynagittah, helping to connect the work done there with the wider community, by looking after the land and the website.