What are Vibrational Essences?

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Derrynagittah Essences

I have used vibrational essences in my herbal practice since the 1980s and have been awed by their powerful effects. I love them! I started making my own flower essences in the late 80s and over time I have been inspired and guided to make essences using new and sometimes unexpected methods and ingredients. Many of the Derrynagittah essences are made in the Labyrinth and incorporate the use of sound in their making. Our essences also incorporate environmental aspects such as planetary and elemental influences.

Vibrational essences - Tools for transformation, catalysts for change.

“Flower essences inspire us to heal through their gift of Love. Their healing vibrations are one of the many aspects of Love. They illumine those areas of our lives in which we do not recognize Love and they inspire us to return to Love, which is our true expression” - Green Hope Farm, USA

What are Vibrational Essences?

Vibrational essences are a form of energy medicine, where physical matter is viewed as networks of complex and inter-related energy fields.

All energy vibrates, and water is the universal carrier of vibrational imprints. Essences are water extracts carrying the vibrational imprint of whatever they are made from. During the process of flower essence making, the water starts to resonate with the vibration of the flower and this resonance remains held in the water and can be detected by Kirlian photography. A flower essence can be described as a vibrational expression of the plant or the perfect light of the flower, held within the sacred space of the water. The essence is imprinted with the unique energy patterns of the flower and encapsulates its healing virtues, the gifts the flower is bringing to the world.

Essences are not the only way to access these unique virtues, for instance, you might experience them simply by sitting with the plant, or from some other plant extract that has been made with care and intent. However, vibrational essences offer a remarkably simple and efficient way to preserve and administer the subtle gifts of a plant, readily opening a gateway to the plant’s consciousness and deeper non-physical qualities. 

These are high vibration solutions imprinted with the Divine Wisdom and the blue-print of the flower, mineral or whatever they are made from. They offer a vibrational model of wellness that allows self-healing and rebalancing to occur. This facilitates deep transformation of body, mind, soul and spirit.

How do Vibrational Essences work?

Vibrational essences work according to the principle of resonance. The energetic structure of an essence resonates with and amplifies particular qualities within a person’s soul. The closer an essence matches the person’s energetic condition, the more effective it will be. On the other hand, if there is no particular resonance, the essence will not have an impact, thereby eliminating any risk of overdosage or adverse effect.

Essences bring out our highest potential. They help us become responsible for our soul life and deepen our capacity for human love. From a spiritual perspective we are ‘coming home’ when we take an essence.

A vibrational essence has the capacity to enhance the positive aspects of our being. By flooding a person with positive qualities, the negative aspects are dissolved e.g. Gorse enhances hope and dissolves despair. The positive energy/vibration of a vibrational essence counteracts the negative state within us, working at the levels of the subtle bodies, readjusting disturbed patterns. Each essence can be seen as holding a sequence of genetic information in energetic form. These subtle energies have a specific resonance, each with its own frequency, wavelength and oscillation. In a flower essence for example, the language or message it carries is the same as the language or code of the flower’s DNA. By energetically imprinting a healthy pattern, essences offer the possibility of restoring unhealthy DNA energy to a healthy form. 

The history of flower essences

The use of flower essences is said to go back at least as far as the Lemurians (approx. 500,000 years ago) and more recently the Swiss alchemist and mystic Paracelsus (1493-1541) is credited with collecting dew from blossoms to treat emotional imbalances in his patients. This art was reborn through the pioneering work of Dr. Bach in England in the 1930’s. Bach was a Harley St. physician who was interested in alchemy and the work of Paracelsus. He developed a healing system of 38 flower essences that could help the psychological and emotional aspects of illness. Bach described disease as a conflict between the personality and the soul, stating that “health depends on being in harmony with our souls”. He went on to explain that “we each have a Divine Mission, and our souls use our minds and bodies as instruments to do this work, so that when all three are working in unison the result is perfect health and perfect happiness”.

For many years until the 1970’s, the Bach remedies stood alone. Gradually, interest in flower essences has grown and inspired essence makers all around the world. Today, there are thousands of essences, all relevant to our rapidly changing world and addressing our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs. These include many new vibrational essences/elixirs from gemstones and other minerals, animals, birds, stars, the elements and other natural features.

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Airmid (made with more than 52 different plants)

Connects with Airmid, herbalist daughter of Dian Cecht, Tuatha de Danaan physician. Opens a gateway to deep healing, restoring Trust, Innocence and Beauty in safety and protection. Reminds us of the abundance of gifts from the plant world. Anything is possible and all can be redeemed. ‘There is a cure for every ill’.


Calms emotions and brings objectivity. Helps us rise above challenging emotional situations, being strong & centred and gaining a detached perspective. Also an aid to divination – enhances sensory awareness & psychic sensitivity. Useful for cleansing and blessing of water and crystals.

All is Well (Dog Rose, Blackthorn & Water Hemlock with Emerald)

Total loving acceptance of the shadow. Embracing decay, death, darkness and destruction. Offers a completely new perspective and reveals Beauty. The knowing that nothing really dies. There is always new growth, rebirth and hope. Helps the dead to pass over. All is well.

Anemone & Amethyst

Incubator of Dreams. Helps us to find our Dream, to know it and embody it. Shows us how to protect and incubate our Dream so that it can emerge in right timing. Helps when we feel our Dream is shattered, lost or torn apart, or if we feel that our Dreams will never come true.

Balances, clears, stimulates and strengthens the 7th LightWheel (Crown Chakra).


Connects with angelic energies bringing guidance and support.  Facilitates a clear connection with our Higher Self. Inspiration and protection from angelic beings, feelings of safety and security. Connection with Archangel Michael.

Apple Blossom

Brings Beauty, Abundance and Magic into our lives, helping us to live in a way of Beauty and to see the Beauty in all beings. Apple reminds us that life offers choices and we can always change our mental attitude. It helps us to notice the choices we have and to choose what is truly aligned with our soul’s purpose.


For recovery from and management of shock and trauma. Helpful when past trauma may prevent full recuperation. Lets us see that shock holds potential benefits and can change old, stuck patterns. Helps us to stay steady and focused in times of stress, to stay present and not to fragment.

Autumn Equinox toning

Alchemical Transformation. Helps us remember that we are spiritual beings and that daily life is a spiritual exercise where anything is possible. Assists us when we seek to transform ourselves and fulfil our destiny. Allows us to stay out of our own way as we move forward.

Banishing Guilt (mix of milk thistle, henbane, calendula, mugwort, coltsfoot,labyrinth stone)

Banishes guilt and frees our true self. Brings the realisation that the concept of guilt has no cosmic basis and its sole purpose is to keep us caught in the parallel reality created by the collective ego.

Birds Foot Trefoil

For emotional bruising/damage which may have been hidden for a long time but is now emerging to be healed. Support for when ‘the cracks are starting to show’. Allows old wounds to heal in perfect timing.


For cutting through, helping us to pierce those things that hold us back, to purify and clear the way so we can see the path ahead of us. We can see our inner realities with strength and precision; transforming anger, fear, darkness and negativity into a positive way forward. Carries the wisdom of the Crone and teaches about protection, boundaries and can bring invisibility.

Bodhi Tree

‘The Sacred Masculine’. This essence unlocks the Divine Male, the spiritual warrior who opens the way for others to follow on their path to enlightenment. It teaches honour and right action, helping us to cut through illusion and to transform karma to dharma. It brings purity and sexual liberation, healing the Wounded Male in both men and women.

(made with a leaf from the Bodhi tree in India, grand-daughter of the tree which the Buddha sat under when he attained enlightenment)


Healing the wounded heart. Lifts the spirits and brings the courage to move forward. Unwinds the grief of the ancestors. Softens & clears old knots of pain from the heart.

Brigid’s Blessing (Bramble)

Connects us with the Goddess Brigid and brings her blessings of awakening, inspiration, creativity, healing and fertility. Activates will and helps transform ideas into physical manifestation. Offers strength & protection; assists with letting go of doubt & finding trust. Decisive action.


Helps bring together disparate or scattered parts to form a cohesive and harmonious whole, whether these are parts of the self or individuals within a group. Encourages group harmony and centredness. Used on the land, it opens up the Song Lines of the planet, bringing blessings and facilitating connections between places of power.

(made at Bugarach sacred mountain in France)


A wake-up call that opens the 3rd eye and encourages us to open our eyes to reality. Helps us to come to a state of consciousness that is beyond constraints, beyond limitation. Knowing our connection with all beings, we can help transform the karmic situation of others and we can let go of our own karmic influences.

Calendula (with Malachite)

‘Mary’s Gold’. A powerful, creative force that brings brightness and joy to our hearts. Carries healing rays of orange and green, purifying and uplifting. This essence cleanses and protects against pollution and radiation. It clears electromagnetic pollution, cleanses the chakras and attunes us to spiritual guidance, amplifying spiritual energies. 

Chamomile (with Emerald)

Brings gentleness and calm, helping us to relax and let go of anxieties. Supports the heart and is particularly helpful for those who tend to give a lot to others. This essence enables us to experience fear and not be stopped by it. We find the courage to break through mistaken beliefs that limit us. We can transcend our fears and accept the gift of courage.


Profound healing and restoration. Brings Light into Matter and teaches how to hold the Light in physical form and embody active compassion. Helps us develop consistency, reliability and constancy. Promotes rapid growth on all levels and assists in strengthening and stabilising healthy patterns. Helps growth in babies and children, strengthens during pregnancy, supports the heart and promotes healing of lung tissue.

Dandelion Crystal Skull

Helps at times of massive expansion. An essence of both receiving and giving. Assists with receiving and grounding new patterns and strength. Helps us wake up and be in active service to others, able to give support with fearlessness and caring. Activates higher light wheels and enhances connection with the stars. Restorative for crystals (used as a wash, bath or spray).

Dandelion Expansion (Dandelion, Citrine, Grass & Primrose)

Success! You have passed an initiatory test and moved to the next level. It is time to harvest the fruits of your labour. Do not get distracted. Be present with your Higher Self and allow the power that flows through you to heal, guide and create. Live in union with the Divine.

Datura (meteloides)

Transforms FEAR into Beauty. Helps us see the truth behind our fears – to distinguish what is real and what is simply a projection of past trauma and fears. Brings the power that comes from confronting and no longer being controlled by illusory fears.

Datura (stramonium)

Empowerment. Datura throws us into our Power and teaches us how Power can be our ally instead of our enemy. We are forced to pay attention to where we need to become the Warrior and where we need protection. ‘The Sword and the Shield’. A fierce and enduring Teacher who brings visions and can initiate us to a new level of consciousness.

Derrynagittah Lily (Stargazer)  Shekinah

‘The Great Mother’. Carries pure Love, Abundance, Nurturing, Beauty, Gentleness and Creativity. Connects with Shekinah, feminine aspect of the Divine, star-bright Archangel of grace and rarified fire. Lunar energies. A reminder that each one of us has the potential to rise above even the greatest angels. All that is noble within us is nurtured by this essence.

Destiny of the Soul

A combination essence helping us to hear the call of our Soul. Addresses the question ‘What have I come to learn in this lifetime?’, showing us how best to serve our own soul’s growth as well as serving the planet. Breaks through fear and separation; transforms guilt, judgement and stuck patterns from past lifetimes. Helps us let go the illusion of control and know forgiveness, self-responsibility and love. Can assist with finding true partnership with another, bringing Heaven to Earth through the love in a relationship. 

Dian Cecht Master Healer (Grape Hyacinth)

Brings the powerful healing and magical energies of Dian Cecht, Tuatha de Danann physician.

Deep healing on all levels, expression of self as a Sacred Human. Opens a gateway to the Wizard’s Dome and the crystal skulls, no escapism. A new sacred beginning, new freedom.

Divine Balance

The Sacred Marriage within. Integrates Masculine and Feminine energies. Brings freedom, harmony and unconditional love to relationships, both with self and others. 

Diviners Sage (Salvia divinorum)

‘The Warrior Queen’. Survival and transformation in the darkness. Helps us face fearlessly into the darkest places and see the gifts of a situation, however bleak or seemingly ‘negative’. Reminds us that seeds germinate in the darkness and sometimes we need the dark in order to grow. Calms and clears the mind. Brings the support of green, healing energies. Raven energy.

DNA Datura

Brings Light out of darkness. Helps with problem solving and overcoming adversity. Builds protection. Stimulates regeneration and profound self-healing. Works with green plant energies to activate new DNA and cellular change. Aids manifestation. Helps those exposed to excessive radiation. 

Dog Rose

Carries the vibration of Oneness. This essence heals feelings of separation and helps us to feel our connection with all other beings – mineral, plant, animal, human, ourselves, planet Earth and beyond, ultimately our connection with Source. We remember that we are all One. Helpful if we feel alone or separated from Source. Makes ending the separation a priority. Supports the feminine and opens the heart.


Carries the courage, power and strength of eagle. Strong male energy with daring and vision, offering rejuvenation and renewal. There is a quickening of events, an acceptance of a powerful new dimension to life, a heightened responsibility for spiritual growth and caring for all beings. Demands right action.

Early Purple Orchid

A highly spiritual flower that helps us celebrate our sexuality and integrate our sexual feelings in a way of gentleness. Treats repressed sexuality, fear of sex, misuse of sexual power, manipulation and psychic abuse. Helps us feel safe in our sexuality.

Elecampane (with lawn chamomile)

Breaks down stuck emotions and transmutes toxic shame and guilt. Heals the pain of betrayal. Deep cleansing of the lungs and restoration of the heart.

Emerald (available in spray form only)

The emerald connects us with the consciousness of Venus. Carries the Emerald Heart Ray and brings Joy and Fulfillment. Helps us be a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Connects with Archangel Raphael. ‘Joy to the World, Heaven and Earth shall sing’.

Evening Primrose

For feeling alone, abandoned, deserted. Brings the vibration of constancy and undying love. Reminds us that we are never truly alone and love cannot die.

Carries a pure yellow vibration that uplifts and inspires. Connection with Isolde.


A wise guide in the unconscious realm, bringing the light of consciousness to old, forgotten memories. Helps us to understand our karmic connections with others, living or dead. We can understand the events of this life/past lives and see how unhealed patterns from the past have manifested in the present for healing. Washes away grief and helps us to see the joy of our lineage. Activates and strengthens the pineal gland.

Forgiveness (Tutsan St john’s Wort & Borage)

Works through the heart chakra carrying love that is without blame. Facilitates total forgiveness of others and of oneself.


Takes us to the fairy realm, restoring creative imagination, innocence and wonder. Reminds us of the existence of the invisible world and that it is part of us/we are part of it. Keeps us steady, helping us to wake up and have respect for all beings, while preventing us from going too far and losing ourselves. Protects and restores the heart. 

Freedom (Henbane, Belladonna, Datura stramonium)

Freedom and release. The healing is done. You are free to fly. All is revealed & you can see clearly. Enables transparency. Time is the healer, the new seed is planted, the blood lines are free. Allows complete and infinite multidimensional expansion through time and space; ability to travel with Heart and integrity, maintaining solid connections with Earth and Sky. A celebration of the fullness of the Virtues: Grace, Peace, Beauty and Heart dance together to open a gateway to Freedom.

Gateway (‘Emerald Gateway’ made during Winter Solstice 2012)

An initiatory Gateway, moving the Self to a new level. Helps with bringing Light into matter; holding, grounding and radiating Light; self-love; self-authority. Perception and understanding expand and we take responsibility for our choices. Brings feelings of lightness and an awareness of beauty and connectedness. Releases fear in the kidneys and assists us in releasing old patterns and manifesting our Soul’s Dream.


Carries the Gold Ray, bringing the Golden light of the sun into the deepest places of our being. Grounds the Light body, clears darkness in the heart and brings illumination and enlightenment. Helps us release old habits, patterns and personality choices that no longer serve. We find the gold within and shine as beacons for others. Lifts the spirits and brings a sense of gratitude.


Brings hope - for individuals and for Grandmother Earth and all her worlds. A breakthrough from harshness and despair to lightness, ease, smooth flowing emotions and optimism. This essence reminds us that remarkable beings exist in the invisible world and particularly facilitates connection with animals.


Strengthens the heart, helping us to operate from true unconditional love instead of sympathy. Assists with saying ‘no’; not colluding with others’ fears, mistaken beliefs and ego-patterns; seeing how pity makes someone a victim. Helps us to follow our hearts and have heart for others as well as ourselves; knowing that it is possible to be love and to survive in the world.

Heart Connection

To help loved ones and groups to stay connected even when physically apart. Opens the heart, strengthens the heart connection and enhances telepathic communication.

HeartSong (Oak, Holly & Hawthorn)

Facilitates heart to heart communication. Assists in letting go of expectations and feeling the completeness of self love. Finding your spiritual home, your place in community or within the family or other social group.

Integration of mental/ego with Higher Consciousness

Helps move consciousness into the Fifth Dimension. It allows us to observe the ego from a place of detachment, non-reaction and compassion. Helps us to see how our ego may have been controlling our behaviour and makes it possible to develop a new relationship with the ego where it no longer rules the personality.

Jupiter-Venus Conjunction

This essence opens wide the heart and facilitates a deep, loving acceptance of self. It melts rigid resistance allowing us to lovingly accept our imperfections. This encourages radical trust and total surrender. The essence also helps the physical body to adjust to major frequency change and expansion of consciousness.

Ladys Mantle

A beacon of Light and Love and Venus energy. Helps us to allow the heart to be the guiding force in our lives, bringing love and awareness into all that we do. Helps where trust has been violated, reminding us that we can trust the power of love and enabling us to share ourselves openly with others. We are able to open to sex in a new way and can release the grace of love on the planet. Affirmation: “I am guided by the Love in my heart”

Ladys Smock

Brings an understanding of the Goddess as Mother, within and without. Lightness and joy when feeling weighed down or restricted. Helps in pregnancy  and with motherhood in general. During pregnancy it supports the foetus and brings the gifts of protection, stability and timely regulation. Helps us to feel the immense support of the natural world 


Helps connect with Ancient Wisdom, particularly from Egypt and Anubis. Dissolves attachments and emotional bondage. Transforms anger, rage, righteous indignation, martyrdom and the desire for revenge.  Helps the dead to pass over to the next world.

Lilac and Black Tourmaline

Teaches us how to be in alignment with our soul and with Grandmother Earth; how to hold protection of ancient sacred knowledge and the land, without fear or ego-control; how to hold for others safety and protection without losing our own integrity; how to share sacred knowledge without giving too much.

Lily of Transmutation

Clears blocks to self-love. Integrates, balances and unifies the 2 apparent polarities within, leading to a cellular, alchemical and energetic rebirth into a Higher level of Being. Conscious evolution preceding from loving oneself.

Little Saints (Psilocybin)

Helps you to hold strong and steady in times of turmoil and great uncertainty, able to receive clear guidance, inspiration and support. Brings balance, detachment, inner stillness and calm. A new Design of Energy for life.


Helpful when we feel unclean inside/lousy, but want to keep a low profile and pretend that everything is fine. There is a clinging, over-grasping female side and a need to let go. The essence helps with the expression of deep ‘unacceptable’ feelings and strengthens self-reliance, self-worth, positive male energy.


For letting go of emotional attachments. Brings firm boundaries. Useful for those who are empathic, helping them to know what is their own and what is from another, able to feel others’ feelings without attaching. Cleanses and strengthens the third lightwheel (chakra).


Unconscious Power and Wisdom. Helps us surrender to Divine Power and thereby connect with our own unconscious mind, bringing deep insights and profound intuitive knowledge. Helps us to go within ourselves to find restoration, regeneration and increased self-awareness.


‘Queen of the Meadow’. Connects us with Beauty and the energy of the Mother Goddess. Brings nurturing and support and the blessings of earth and water. We can merge with the mists and step gracefully through the veil, easily passing between worlds. We are reassured to keep going – the harvest is near and it is easier than we think. Connects with Morgan le Fey, the essence of the Holy Grail, ‘the Divine Drop’ – a holy drop of the Divine essence descending from God or Spirit’s innermost heart.

Miach (Purple Loosestrife & Citrine Skull)

Brings the potent healing energies of Miach, Tuatha De Danann magician and son of Dian Cecht. Helps us to bring things to fruition in the world. Moving forward towards our highest possible attainment, exploring all pathways with confidence and a sense of adventure. We trust the Universe and feel at home within ourself. Healing, magic and regeneration.

Money Plant

An essence of abundance and new beginnings, Money Plant essence takes us out of poverty consciousness and reminds us that we are part of the abundance of the Universe. It encourages trust, opening to receive, knowing we are enough. Helps us to nourish worthwhile connections with others and to speak our truth in open-hearted communication.

Morgan le Fey Herb Robert and Black Knapweed.

Freeing the Magic of the land and the Magic within us. Freedom for the enchantress and the enchanted. Awakening fairy magic. The alchemy of Fire and Water and the creation of the Rainbow Bridge that leads to the Mystic Marriage and the remembrance of Heaven and Earth as One.

Morning Glory

Expression of the Sacred Human. Facilitates self-expression and transformation. Shows how we can be gentle yet firm, vulnerable yet strong. Connects with Heavenly energies and offers the protection of Archangel Michael.


‘The Lion-Hearted Mother’. Support for Mothers and children of all ages. Assists mothers during traumatic situations with their children as well as healing the mother-child relationship, including the transformation of painful wounds from childhood. Brings courage, integrity & self-belief; reduces tension & anxiety; eases physical pain; restores the heart.

Mountain Avens

Brings generosity of spirit, lightness, fun, joy, sunshine. Facilitates linking and working with others, hospitality and enjoyment of others’ company. A shift from concerns of the personal ‘self’ to the Universal ‘self’, personal power to Divine power. Opening the heart and supporting the 3rd Light Wheel. Counteracts mean-ness, lack of sharing, wanting to be left alone, feeling isolated and alienated, difficulty joining with others. Helps when we are obsessed with our own needs and desires yet not able to nurture ourselves.


Builds self-acceptance and frees us from the need for approval by others. Helps us build intimate relationships based on inter-dependence rather than co-dependency. Teaches about releasing attachments. Opens vision and helps with remembering dreams.

Mullein Crystal Unicorn

Brings purity and guidance for all healing and manifestation work. Provides a mystical link between worlds, supporting spiritual growth and radiating celestial light to heal, bless and bring peace in any situation. Strength and softness co-exist, facilitating loyalty and heart bonding with detachment and honouring of self. Protection & grounding. Star energy. Helps us realize our potential as loving and worthwhile human beings.


‘Bright spark’. Ignites and balances the fire within, bringing warmth and passion with grounded, earthly practicality. Enhances stamina, energy, vibrancy and vitality. Invigorating aphrodisiac, detoxifier and digestive tonic. Helps integrate vibrational change into the physical body.

Nettle with Clear Quartz & Emerald

An essence that brings the strength, courage and resilience of the Spiritual Warrior. It carries the message of never giving up - if we persevere, success can and will happen, however long it seems to take or however small and insignificant we may feel in our attempts. When success comes, it will be better than we ever thought possible. This essence reminds us that anything, however toxic and damaging, can be composted and transformed to something of great value and goodness. Brings the alchemy of fire and water and can be used to bless both the land and the waters.

New Moon Malachite

Rebirth. Heralds and supports a new beginning, often coming after times of darkness and despair. Helps us to leave the darkness behind, while honouring its gifts and the teachings it has brought. Nourishes the seeds of new growth and shows us the light of inspiration shining before us. We feel the light return to our bodies. We are reborn and renewed, a new life begins.

Nurturing Mother

A combination essence that nurtures, feeds, repairs, soothes, guards, protects, softens and facilitates expansion. Brings Motherly Love that strengthens us and allows us to grow with ease. Helps us trust and articulate what we know intuitively.


For when we feel pushed to the absolute limit, with feelings of weariness, exhaustion, desperation, despair, yet continuing to plod on and on. Brings strength, courage, joy and lightness. Helps with taking a break when needed, letting go of struggle.

Oak Gall

Brings protection and healing. Heals holes in the aura and forms a protective sheath around the auric field. Particularly associated with the healing energies of the moon. Helps with divination, trusting the guidance of spirit and helping us to know the will of Heaven

Pink Heart Crystal (with Lady’s Mantle)

Restores and stabilises the heart after shock, trauma, loss, betrayal and heartbreak. Brings lightness and ease to the heavy-hearted. Facilitates connection with bird energies which help to open the heart and free blockages. Immensely comforting.

Plantain (with Grass, Tutsan & Crystal Skull)

Ancestral healing. A powerful healer to transform old family patterns and long-held grief. Brings light to past, present and future generations. Help us to see the gifts of our blood lines and to accept who we are.

Pluto conjunct the Galactic Centre

Brings an opportunity to receive a blast of energy that can transform us on a cellular level. An opportunity to awaken our creative force. Encourages new ideas, new approaches, creative thought and action. Treats burnout.


Primrose offers a key to inner transformation and rebirth. The stuck becomes unstuck, the blocked begins to move. Helpful when we feel immobilised or caught in a recurring pattern. This essence helps us transform our attitudes and behaviour. It supports us as we move into a new, expanded phase. There is no going back. An essence of Initiation.

Primrose and Cowslip

Indicates a time for burning out whatever does not belong in your life. Helps you to see who you are, to know your place in the world and to express it freely.

Red Clover (with Forget-me-not & Lady’s Smock)

Facilitates holding a calm and steady presence in challenging or emergency situations, esp. when the group mind/collective consciousness exerts a strong influence such as in mass hysteria, group panic or family crisis. Red Clover helps you maintain your identity & be true to yourself. Cleanses, balances, supports healthy growth & new beginnings. Leadership & honest communication.


Stimulates passion and creativity, clearing the way for inspiration, new ideas and visions that will have an impact on the world. Encourages teamwork and harmonious co-operation. Helps us see any disintegration in our lives as a creative  opportunity, dissolving old forms to create a new synergy.

Redwood Pilgrimage Toning  ‘Heaven on Earth’

Brings Heaven to Earth and unlocks creativity. Offers pure Christ energy that can transform the body at a sub-atomic level, establishing new patterns and helping us navigate new possibilities. Releases judgement, balances male and female energies, heals the female reproductive system. Carries the vibration of the 6-pointed star.

Rescue  Arnica, Angelica, Yarrow, St Johns Wort, Year of 21

A combination essence to assist recovery from shock and trauma. Use in any emergency situation. Dissolves deeply help shock. Restores the auric field.

Return of the Shining Ones (Emerald & Gold Euphorbia)

Brings together different spiritual traditions. Heals rifts between Christianity and the Old Religion or any conflicting spiritual groups. The light within is allowed to shine. Holds the vision of a shining land where all beings shine with their own bright radiance. Carries green healing energy of the Earth.


For those who feel they don’t deserve to be here, sometimes holding the mistaken belief that they should not have been born. They may feel unwanted or unloved, often associated with feeling rejected by one’s mother in childhood. The essence brings a sense of connection with the Mother archetype and with Grandmother Earth. Helps us feel supported and loved and allows us to give birth to a completely new sense of self, appreciating the Beauty within.

Rose Bay Willow Herb (Fireweed)

Helps make new connections in the physical body, opening up pathways in the brain and central nervous system. Assists the circulation of blood and lymph. Helps neurons to fire, aids motor function and restores blocked or dysfunctional  neuronal pathways. Both brings in and balances the energy of fire.


Clears the mind of mental clutter and obsessive thoughts. Brings freshness, clarity and a calm alertness. Facilitates the remembrance of self and a gathering together of all our parts, including after soul loss. Helps us remember the ancestors and their teachings. Can relieve headaches.

Rushes Juncus spp.

Aids co-operation and teamwork, bringing awareness of connected consciousness and insights into the radical interdependence of all phenomena. Rootedness, strength and resilience that come from experiencing ourselves as part of a wider community.

Understanding the gifts of ancestral patterns and being able to let them go when appropriate.

Sacred Waters (Birch, Willow, Beech, Apple)

Cleanses deeply held emotional patterns while bringing healing, balance and renewal. With exquisite gentleness, this essence help us to honour and release our feelings. Assists us to accept change and go with the flow of life. Also an ideal essence for blessing the Waters of the Earth.

Saint Johns Wort

Divine protection and guidance, especially helpful when feeling vulnerable, overly-dreamy, expanded or ‘spaced-out’. Total confidence in one’s safety.

Samhain toning

Helps us to see ourselves clearly, to be honest with ourselves and to see the hidden projections behind our emotional reactions. This essence facilitates clear and open communication with others, allowing us to act with ruthless compassion. Can help the dead to pass to the Light and can assist with releasing what is dead in our lives.

Saturn 2012 (Beech, Comfrey & Horsetail)

Helps us see what needs to be sacrificed in order to restore the sacred in our lives. We realise that self-sacrifice does not mean denial of our needs but rather the letting go of self-imposed limitations that have blocked us from living our dreams. As impeccable hunters, we can hunt down and conquer all the habits and mistaken beliefs that have limited us. We are assisted in knowing the stability of our foundations and we can express our creative urges with responsibility.

Seed of Blue Star (Blue Star Grass & labyrinth flowers)

A bridge to the 5th World. Helps us totally re-design our energy for a new way of living/being. Supports radical trust and letting go of blocks. Preparation for a major step forward. Brings Blue Star energy and connects with Magic, Miach and the Whirling Rainbow of Peace.


Helps us take responsibility for our lives, to see where we do not accept ourselves and to decide where to make changes. We can release ourselves from negative thoughts, overcome the desire to be invisible and stand in our power & self-authority. We allow ourselves to shine as a beacon for others. Connects with Saint Germain and the Violet Flame of Transmutation.

Sirius Alignment

A powerful essence supporting transformation and rebirth, both personal and Galactic. Opens a creation portal, helping us to fully know ourselves and to understand the nature of Sacred Union, ‘As above, so below’. Connects with Sirius and the ‘Eye of Horus’.


Grounds Divine energy. Clears the head and calms the nervous system. Clears blocks to creativity and helps expression of creative energy. Helpful for childbirth. Facilitates contact with the Divine/the Higher Self and helps release blocks which keep us from being a part of Divine energy.


Shows how apparent opposites can be integrated and brought together. Reconciling of polarised views. Helps with decision making, confusion and conflict resolution. Remembering the value of the small. 

Song of Healing

Offers a complete change of perspective, a new awakening, rebirth, transformation, looking at life from a new angle. Assists deep healing and brings the courage to cut away the things which limit us, even if it hurts to do so, allowing us to move on and to gain wisdom for the greater good.

Star Beings (Water Forget-Me-Not with nettle seed & water mint)

Brings blessings from the Star Nations, particularly Sirius and Cygnus. There is a message of unification, coming closer to the truth in our hearts, knowing the unity beyond tradition or form. Helps with trusting our own essence, spiritual self-confidence & self-worth, knowing and trusting the ‘not knowing’. The transition to a new level of hope as we let go disappointments of the past.


 ‘The Gentle Warrior’. Brings courage, focuses the Will and helps in finding direction. Brings forth active will to be in life and to live the Sacred Dream of our soul. We can expand our consciousness and keep our centre, despite going to new heights and new depths. 


Dissolves addictions. Helps with painful feelings that we have repeatedly tried to avoid. We are able to face these feelings, stay present with them and allow them to transform. Opens our eyes to see and understand our actions and the motivations behind them. Opens gateways to Higher Realms. Connects with the angelic energies of Anthriel who restores poise and centredness, transforming anxiety into self-assurance.

Treasure of Temerius (28 plants)

An essence of ecstatic union! Uncovers the treasure of the heart and we remember who we really are. Confident self-empowerment, creativity and healing. Magic with love & integrity. Deepening awareness and embodiment of multidimensional reality. Walking with the Shining Ones.

Tulsi (Sacred Basil)

‘Universal Love’. Helps us when others make mistakes in their behaviour. We can disengage, disperse anger and emotional reactions, cut our inner strings and maintain neutrality so that we do not give up on them as hopeless but allow space for their Higher Self to return.

A powerful soul retrieval essence. Allows back the soul who has felt there is no place for them. Capable of calling back the Soul of the Land. 

Tutsan (variety of St John’s Wort) & Citrine

The Light Carrier. Helps us to hold, anchor and transmit Light. Experiencing the Light and Joy within oneself and radiating this to others.

Uranus Square Pluto (Elderflower & Datura)

Helps us 'get out of the box' and no longer see life in black and white. We experience reality in a completely new way. Aids integration of an expanded sensory system and helps the physical heart adjust to a new rhythm. Acceptance of multidimensionality.


Calming, relaxing and pain relieving. Aids restful sleep. Relieves stress, shock and emotional distress. Promotes harmony between male and female. Connects with cats as allies and underworld guides. Bast.


Brings Pure Beauty, Healing Power and Spiritual Guidance. This essence carries frequencies from the Galactic Centre, transmitted from the Pleiades and illuminated by Venus. You are invited to take a leap to a new reality, awaken your Galactic Consciousness and experience the energies of Quetzalcoatl.

Venus-Sun Conjunction 2012 (Jasmine, Roses, Elderflower)

A remedy of love-fulfilled, Sacred Sex and the divine balance of Male & Female. Remembering and reclaiming the lost or rejected parts of our soul. A release from the bondage of expected behaviour. Remembrance of the ecstasy of our true nature.

Venus Transit

Connects us with Venus energy and opens the heart, initiating a breakthrough to a more heart-centred consciousness. We are forced to look at the subconscious programming that controls our lives – examine the fears and beliefs that control our thoughts and actions. An opportunity to advance our evolutionary process and become more aware of spiritual help available. Helps us experience the integration of male and female polarities in physical reality.


Relaxation and loving acceptance of self. Feelings of pressure fall away. Vervain helps break through illusions so we can relax and let go, remembering that we are love and love is all there is. Joy follows as a natural aspect of love.


Brings a new approach to communication and friendship. Tells us to accept a helping hand, assists us in enjoying the companionship of others. An initiation into the Sacred Human and service to the collective. Helps us to find a way of sharing our knowledge, even when we can’t see how this is possible.


The Great Balancer. This essence helps us to accept and integrate a new way of being in life. The challenge is to accept unconditional love. This may mean risking being hurt, making oneself vulnerable, releasing expectations or judgements. Vitex helps clear resistance by balancing all aspects of the Self. It facilitates a huge leap forward by helping us to love ourselves enough to allow the receiving of unconditional Love and to embody the Love that we all are.

Well of Wholeness (St John’s wort, Redwood, Birch, Mugwort, Willow,

Claiming the beauty of Feminine Power and stepping into active leadership with heart. Forgiveness and grace with a release of guilt, shame and grief. A new story of peace, harmony and unity consciousness. Connects with the Tuatha De Danann and opens a path to the light.

White Buffalo

‘Vision of Hope’. This essence brings the energy of the White Buffalo and their gifts of hope, peace, unity, balance and harmony. It helps us to hold a vision of hope in uncertain times and reminds us that our prayers are answered. It aids in staying balanced and centred, so that we can tolerate each other’s differences and come together in shared honouring of the Earth. We remember our spiritual unity and the power that rests within our hearts.


Emotional self-sufficiency. Yarrow helps us to feel our feelings without being attached to them. It supports clear emotional boundaries with others so that we do not become overwhelmed or lost in the emotions of other individuals or the collective. Strengthens auric field & gives protection.

Year of the 21

Moving towards Freedom -Transforming shock, awakening the heart and becoming the active dreamer.

The ‘Year of the 21’ brings healing for deep shock and trauma, showing how we can benefit from shock instead of reacting to it. It helps us receive and adjust to the new energies flooding Grandmother Earth. We are assisted to give up blame and denial and take full self-responsibility. The essence strengthens, heals and awakens the heart, helping us to realise our potential and become active dreamers and co-creators as we move towards freedom.

The name refers to the 21st Rainbow Dream Dance, a ceremony in honour of Grandmother Earth brought to Europe by Arwyn DreamWalker for 21 years.

2012 Essence

This combination essence invites us to take a leap to a new reality. It offers strength and stability during times of massive expansion. An opportunity for the complete reclaiming of our Soul, remembering the ecstasy of our true nature and experiencing the freedom of being Love’s presence. We are assisted to stand firmly in the radiance of who we are, knowing our connectedness in the web of life, holding the vision of our Soul’s Dream and letting go of self-imposed limitations. Awakens Galactic consciousness.