What are Vibrational Essences?

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Derrynagittah Essences

I have used vibrational essences in my herbal practice since the 1980s and have been awed by their powerful effects. I started making my own flower essences in the early 90s and over time I have been inspired and guided to make essences using new and sometimes unexpected methods and ingredients. Many of the Derrynagittah essences are made in the Labyrinth and incorporate the use of sound in their making. Our essences also incorporate environmental aspects such as planetary and elemental influences.

Vibrational essences - Tools for transformation, catalysts for change.

“Flower essences inspire us to heal through their gift of Love. Their healing vibrations are one of the many aspects of Love. They illumine those areas of our lives in which we do not recognize Love and they inspire us to return to Love, which is our true expression” - Green Hope Farm, USA

What are Vibrational Essences?

Before matter is formed, energy comes into existence with information. The energy field is the blue-print of material substance. Furthermore, matter organises itself according to the information in the energy

Energetic blue-print + information matter.

Vibrational essences carry this energetic blue-print plus information. They are high vibration solutions imprinted with the Divine Wisdom and the blue-print of the flower, mineral or whatever they are made from. They offer a vibrational model of wellness that allows self-healing and rebalancing to occur. This facilitates deep transformation of body, mind, soul and spirit

Flower Essences are the most well known type of vibrational essence. Flower essences hold the unique energy patterns of flowers – each flower has its own unique ‘picture’. The flower is an outward expression of particular patterns of life force. These patterns are held in the flower essence and in the same way, other vibrational essences can hold energy patterns from minerals, animals and a variety of other energies.

How do Vibrational Essences work?

Vibrational essences work by enhancing the positive aspects of our being. By flooding a person with positive qualities, the negative aspects are dissolved e.g. Gorse enhances hope and dissolves despair. The positive energy/vibration of a vibrational essence counteracts the negative state within us, working at the levels of the subtle bodies, readjusting disturbed patterns. Each essence can be seen as holding a sequence of genetic information in energetic form. These subtle energies have a specific resonance, each with its own frequency, wavelength and oscillation. In a flower essence for example, the language or message it carries is the same as the language or code of the flower’s DNA. By energetically imprinting a healthy pattern, essences offer the possibility of restoring unhealthy DNA energy to a healthy form. Water is the universal carrier of vibrational imprints. During the process of essence making, the water starts to resonate with the vibrational imprint of the flower, mineral etc. This resonance then remains in the water and can be detected by Kirlian photography. Essences carry genetic information in wave form with water as the medium.

The history of flower essences

The use of flower essences is said to go back at least as far as the Lemurians (approx. 500,000 years ago) and more recently the Swiss alchemist and mystic Paracelsus (1493-1541) is credited with collecting dew from blossoms to treat emotional imbalances in his patients. This art was reborn through the pioneering work of Dr. Bach in England in the 1920’s. Bach was a Harley St. physician who was interested in alchemy and the work of Paracelsus. He developed a healing system of 38 flower essences that could help the psychological aspect of illness. Bach believed that ‘disease is in essence the result of conflict between soul and mind and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort’. For many years until the 1970’s, the Bach remedies stood alone. Gradually, interest in flower essences has grown and inspired essence makers all around the world. Today, there are thousands of essences, all relevant to our rapidly changing world and addressing our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical needs. These include many new vibrational essences/elixirs from gemstones and other minerals, animals, birds, stars, the elements and other natural features.