*Summer Workshop 2020*

Working with Plant Spirits

Balancing Sacred Fire

15th- 18th August 2020 
A 4-day ceremonial retreat with Carole Guyett at Derrynagittah


Healing the Waters

16th- 19th August 2019 
A 4-day ceremonial retreat with Carole Guyett at Derrynagittah, Co Clare, Ireland

  Working with plant spirits to bless & heal the Waters of our planet

Water gives us life. It is cleansing, healing and renewing. Water holds memory and has a unique intelligence. It is fluid, reflective, sensitive and receptive. The element of Water governs our emotions and can activate flow in our lives. All the water on our planet is connected – whether rain, mist or snow, river or ocean, the water we drink & wash in, or the water inside our bodies. By bringing purity and harmony into the waters of the world we can make fundamental changes, for individuals and the collective.

This retreat is an opportunity to bless and heal our Sacred Waters, both the waters of our beautiful planet and the waters of our own bodies. We will connect deeply with the Spirit of Water, giving thanks and calling for blessings and healing. By communing with Birch and Beech and all the plants and nature spirits at Derrynagittah, we will honour the waters of our planet and all her inhabitants.
We ask what do each of us need to change in order to heal the waters? What will we let go of? During this retreat we will dive deep into our own waters to transform fears, insecurities & stuck patterns, to let go of attachments and find cleansing & renewal. We will call upon the healing waters to heal our hearts and minds, washing away grief and helping each of us to live from love, kindness and purity of heart.

Working on the land at Derrynagittah, in the Labyrinth, the herb garden and the Sound Temple, we will take part in healings and sacred water ceremonies including plant bathing, anointing with holy oils and visiting Murias, ancient city of water.
Together we will make a plant elixir to bless and purify the waters. We will receive this sacrament into our bodies in sacred ceremony and we will offer this elixir to the waters, honouring the feminine nature of water by honouring Grian, Goddess of nearby Lough Grainey. All participants will be invited to take home some elixir to bless the waters of their own lands.

As we connect with the Beauty of the waters, we quest the Beauty that we each bring to the world. This is a chance for us to collectively anchor the Beauty Way, for ourselves, for future generations and for all of life to flourish.

Do you hear the call of the waters? Join us in celebration and honouring of water!

Be prepared for powerful transformation!

May the waters carry our prayers to the hearts of all beings.


Cost €440 (includes €100 booking deposit, 4x lunches)
No experience necessary – only an open heart!    Non-residential   
Dinners available Friday-Sunday at €15 per night
Accomodation: Loughnane’s hostel, Feakle
Or B&B              View Derrynagittah
Bookings & information: Marion 
French speakers contact : Frédérique
French interpretation provided for small extra charge


Death, Dying and Beyond (2019)

Plants, Prayers & Practices to help with crossing over 

Are you called to help & support those who are dying? Or to ease the journey for those who have passed? Would you like to learn practical ways to assist at this very important time, both with plants and spiritual practices?

At this 5-day workshop, Carole will present a shamanic perspective on Death and offer suggestions to assist with crossing over in Beauty. This includes preparing for death, whether for oneself or another.

We will consider the dying process and sitting with the dying, including how to work with flower essences, plant spirits and other invisible helpers. We will look at methods to assist with letting go and forgiveness, as well as how to help at the moment of death and immediately afterwards, including prayers, blessings, cleansing and laying out.

We will discuss the design of funerals and memorials and consider grief, self-care and how to cope with the death of another. We will also look at the work of the psychopomp and learn methods to help the soul to pass over.

Limited places available. 

Derrynagittah, 6th - 10th November 2019.

For bookings and enquiries contact 

This popular workshop will be repeated in Belgium in November 2020.