*Summer Workshop 2018*

Working with Plant Spirits

The Return of the Shining Ones

17th- 20th August 2018 
A 4-day ceremonial retreat with Carole Guyett at Derrynagittah, Co Clare, Ireland











Awakening the Emerald Temple

The Shining Ones are Star Souls who came to Earth many thousands of years ago, bringing a great Dream of Beauty to our planet and establishing the ancient civilisation of Lemuria.

We recognise their presence in the Tuatha De Danann of Ireland, as well as in innumerable indigenous cultures around the world. Many aeons ago they retreated behind the veil into another dimension. Now, at this great alchemical moment in history, the Shining Ones are returning to our world for the awakening of the Emerald Temple of Earth and the Dawn of a new era. Long-dormant memories are awakening within us and many humans are remembering their multidimensional selves and their own star origins.

Becoming a Galactic Beacon and Receiver

The Return of the Shining Ones is part of the Age of Flowers, this special time in history, when the flowers are waking us up and helping us to birth a new cycle of love and harmony on our planet. Continuously receiving transmissions from Earth and Sky, plants download their celestial templates and by their unique flowering, they give their Beauty to the world. As Sacred Humans, it is our destiny to download our own celestial templates and blossom in our own unique way. The plants are coming forward to support our fullest expression and help us become beacons of Cosmic Consciousness.

Welcoming the Shining Ones

On this 4-day retreat we will welcome the Shining Ones back through the veil and with the help of the plants, we will activate our own sacred seeds. Seeking guidance from the trees of the sacred Grove, we will open to the teachings of the flowers and receive their blessings, messages, ancestral memories and seeds from the future. We will take part in Healing ceremonies, releasing blocks within ourselves and between us and Nature, undergoing cellular clearing to rediscover our essential essence. We will align with the Earth in sacred ceremony to receive and activate the new Earth template, woven of starlight.

Do you hear the call of the Shining Ones? Join us to assist in awakening the Emerald Temple. Now is the time to shine as a beacon of awakened awareness!



No experience necessary – only an open heart!

Cost €400 (includes €100 booking deposit, 4x lunches)

Dinners available Friday-Sunday at €15 per night

This retreat is non-residential, but there are accommodation options in the area:  Loughnane’s hostel, Feakle or B&B   

Presented in English with French interpretation (additional cost)                        

Bookings & information:

French speakers contact: Frédérique at


Death, Dying and Beyond (2019)

Plants, Prayers & Practices to help with crossing over 

Are you called to help & support those who are dying? Or to ease the journey for those who have passed? Would you like to learn practical ways to assist at this very important time, both with plants and spiritual practices?

At this 5-day workshop, Carole will present a shamanic perspective on Death and offer suggestions to assist with crossing over in Beauty. This includes preparing for death, whether for oneself or another.

We will consider the dying process and sitting with the dying, including how to work with flower essences, plant spirits and other invisible helpers. We will look at methods to assist with letting go and forgiveness, as well as how to help at the moment of death and immediately afterwards, including prayers, blessings, cleansing and laying out.

We will discuss the design of funerals and memorials and consider grief, self-care and how to cope with the death of another. We will also look at the work of the psychopomp and learn methods to help the soul to pass over.

Limited places available. 

This popular workshop will be repeated in November 2019. Provisional dates, 6th - 10th November.

For bookings and enquiries contact