Plant Diets

A ‘Plant Diet' is a traditional way of working with plants in order to get to know them better & receive their gifts, especially for guidance & healing. Dieting with plants in ceremony is a way to honour the plants & their Dream, to develop a deep relationship with a plant and to have a direct experience of plant consciousness.

During the plant diet ceremony we ingest an elixir that has been pre-prepared in a sacred manner. By drinking this regularly, we receive the plant’s vibration both physically and spiritually. This vibration accumulates in our body over time, and the more we surrender, the more the Spirit of the Plant can enter our being. Our body charges itself like a battery from the energies of the plant and eventually the plant may transform into being part of our cells, filling us with energy that can help us, as well as flowing out to others.

Healing takes place at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and is intended for both the individual and the collective. The ceremony provides an opportunity to heal any imbalance we may have created in the web of life. It is an opportunity to receive an initiation from the plant - the Spirit of the Plant and the intent and readiness of the dieter are paramount.

At this time on Planet Earth, the plant world is bringing important messages to assist our awakening and evolution. At a plant diet, the plants offer to initiate us to new levels of awareness, helping us to remember how to live as Sacred Humans. They open Gateways to Higher Consciousness and can give us a direct experience of other realms and higher dimensions.

Physical ingestion helps integrate and ground these new levels of consciousness into the physical body, as well as bringing the medicinal actions of the plant. During a diet, we spend our time dreaming with the plant, using methods such as journeying, meditation, time in nature, breathwork, dance, creative art or whatever is appropriate.

The plant diet ceremonies at Derrynagittah are timed to coincide with the Celtic Fire Festivals. We honour the turning of the Wheel of the Year and seek to align ourselves with the natural cycles of Nature. Participants either fast completely or follow a specified restricted diet during the weekend. We finish with a shared feast.

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Upcoming Plant Diets:
You can email Marion to register your interest and she will keep you informed of upcoming events. An Angelica initiation will take place during this year's August ceremonial workshop, full details available here.