Temple of Plants

A Spiritual Community

The Temple of Plants Teampall na Bplandaí is a spiritual community rooted in Love.

We are united in our love for the Earth and dedicated to honouring the Plant World as an expression of the Sacred Feminine. We honour all life as sacred, recognizing that all things are born of the Goddess, our Divine Cosmic Mother and therefore we are all part of Her Divinity, interconnected and equal. 

We uphold the three Sacred Laws that ‘All things are born of woman’, ‘Nothing shall be done to harm the child’ and ‘Love is all there is’.

The Temple is non-religious, multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-dimensional. We are dedicated to honoring the Goddess in all Her many forms and we embrace all spiritual teachings that are aligned with our beliefs.

The Temple was born in 2016, founded by Carole who is creative director.

The Dream of the Temple of Plants

Our Dream is the restoration of Heaven on Earth. We envision the awakening of the heart of humanity and all beings (minerals, plants, animals, humans, ancestors, elementals) living in peace, harmony and with mutual respect. We dream of a world where the Plant realm is fully honoured and the Light of the Plants shines in its infinite radiance. Our vision is of humans experiencing unity consciousness and awakening to their full potential with love as their guiding force.

What do we do?

The primary alignment of the Temple is to the Plant world as a sacred expression of the Divine Feminine. Therefore, plants are central to our work and we maintain an unwavering commitment to honour and embody the Mysteries that the plants offer. We also honour the labyrinth as an expression of the Sacred Feminine.







We create and sustain ceremonies, programs and experiences in alignment with our Dream that offer spiritual community, healing, education, personal development and creative expression.

We aspire to embody the Sacred Virtues of Beauty, Heart, Peace, Grace and Freedom, doing this through continuing self-reflection and personal development.

Part of our mission is to support each other as a community, through ongoing mentor programs, community-based sharing and recognition of each individual’s unique service in the world.










The Path of the Priestess/Priest

Becoming a priestess or priest of the Temple of Plants involves agreeing to work with the Goddess in alignment with Her Divine Plan for Planet Earth. This is a path of devotion and a vocation from Spirit. Those who follow this path are answering a deep inner calling, one that requires integrity and dedication. This path is a way of devotion to the divine unfoldment of the eternal soul.

The Goddess is seen as the Divine Mother and we recognize and honour Her sacred expression through the Plant World. As guardians of Sacred Plant Wisdom, priestesses and priests of the Temple are committed to nurturing the Light of the Plants and helping this to shine in the world. We are planetary priests and priestesses who stand for the plants.

We aim to embody the ways of the Sacred Feminine, dropping from ego and entering the receptive place of stillness and centred presence where Divine wisdom can flow through us. We come to listen: to the Goddess, to the plants, to Spirit in all its forms and to those who seek our help.

As priestesses and priests, we commit to standing publicly for the Divine Feminine in whatever way we are each called by Her to express our personal medicine. We step forward in service to the Earth and all the realms of creation,  standing as Keepers of the Sacred Flame, holding the Light so that others may find their own direct experience of Divinity and awaken to full remembrance of self. We work passionately to raise the vibration of our physical world, infusing it with sacredness.

We make an ongoing commitment to our own inner work and to continuing to look at our own reflection so that we may be a clear mirror for others to see their own truth. We commit to standing in unconditional self-love. We commit ourselves as guardians of Sacred Mystery. 


The Goddess takes a multitude of forms and can manifest differently for each person. Therefore, She may appear as Airmid, Brigid, Kwan Yin, Morgan le Fay, Isis, Hecate or in a myriad of other forms. Alternatively, our work may manifest through Miach, Dian Cecht, or other Divine expressions.

Each priestess or priest of the Temple of Plants dedicates her or his life to Divine Purpose, making a conscious commitment in service to the Plant World and to a particular expression of the Divine. She or he learns how to attune to and work sacredly with energies, particularly those of Nature and the elements. A priestess/priest aspires to walk as the embodiment of love and thereby facilitate alchemy and transmutation in the world.

The Way of the Wise Healer Apprenticeship

Apprentices pass through several stages of initiation during their basic training. A student who successfully completes the Wise Healer Apprenticeship may undertake additional training and ceremony leading to ordination as a Priestess or Priest of the Temple of Plants. 

As priests and priestesses, we come in sacred devotion to the Goddess and in service to the Divine for the Highest Good of All and according to the free will of all. We do not claim power over others. We offer ourselves in service to those in need, from wherever they call, according to our own personal medicine and calling. Many priestesses and priests offer weddings and rites of passage ceremonies such as baby blessings and funerals, as well as ceremonies for the Earth and all the realms of creation.