Music of the Plants


The Music of the Plants device is an instrument that gives voice to plant perception and consciousness. This amazing device facilitates easy interaction between plants and humans. The device measures the electromagnetic impulses on the surface of plant leaves and their root systems. By converting these variations into sound, the device plays the music of the plants. As your plants become more practised at communicating in this way, what can start as a bunch of loose notes begins to harmonize into melodies.

Carole is the Irish supplier for these wonderful devices. Please email if you would like to order one.

Developed by the Damanhur Community in Italy, these devices offer a level of interaction with plant intelligence that provides a deep insight into ourselves and the natural world around us, as well as a very practical experience of plant intelligence and consciousness. We've found using these devices both very heart warming and wonderfully insightful. You can find out more here - 

You can read about plant research at Damanhur at  

For further information on the device and how it works visit


The new model of the Music of the Plants device, BAMBOO, is available in 2 versions. Both designed for more portable and accessible use and performance.

The new device was designed with the option of the basic version being expanded at a later stage via a firmware update, so if you want to explore all the potential at a later stage, you can do it!

The 2 versions come with a 2 year warranty for the device itself, a manual and a 1.5 metre cable.


The basic version is characterized by its simplicity of use thanks to 12 pre-programmed configurations carefully chosen for you and available with one easy click.

This device includes an instrument tuner, musical scales and sound effects to hear the music of your plants in total harmony. Its small size and rechargeable battery makes it easy to take with you wherever you want to experience the magic of communicating with plants.

Safe and smart, it’s suitable for all ages, including children. At anytime you can expand and upgrade your basic version to the M version, for only €47.

Price: €400 incl VAT (does not include shipping)

Bamboo M

The M version has the capability to manage further parameters and customise harmonies, rhythms and tones. This gives music lovers the opportunity to create extraordinary musical compositions.

You can tune the music of the plants with the instrument of your choice on all the notes of the musical scale. The device also has spatial, chorus and reverb effects. For this reason it’s a great option for musicians and people who want to experiment more in the musical field.

The device is equipped with an internal speaker, 3.5 jack output, MIDI output, micro-usb, and has the option for different frequencies, which you can choose according to your philosophy.

Price: €437 incl VAT (does not include shipping)

You can also purchase any of the following extras for your device:

- 5 metre cable (€20)

- 10 metre cable (€25)

- Large speaker (€20)

- Small speaker (€16.50)

- High conductivity gel (€10)