Dandelion in Denmark

Dandelion in Denmark

Danish Dandelion enjoying the sun
Dandelion Labyrinth with Baltic Sea in Background
Stone Circle 

Carole was recently in Denmark for a Dandelion diet initiation on the beautiful island of Aero. With a rainbow group from Denmark, Germany, England, Scotland and Ireland, we made ceremony with these magnificent and resilient green beings.

Our location was the beautiful home of Dorit (FireSpinner) and Johannes and a veritable Dandelion sanctuary. Their land is a haven of 30 acres where the prolific Dandelion is honoured and celebrated.

The sun shone brightly and the expansive Dandelion warmed our hearts, connecting us with the global Dandelion web and bringing much healing and strength both for ourselves and for the ancestors. We were urged to embrace change in order to let go of ego attachments and truly walk in our power, shining our own radiant light. Dandelion brought the message of never giving up and we sent his seeds of hope, courage and unity consciousness as blessings across the Universe.

Much gratitude to Dandelion and to all who took part.

Baltic Sea receiving Dandelion Blessings

Dandelion Dragon