Fruits of Abundance and Beauty

Fruits of Abundance and Beauty

As the leaves fall all around us and we head into the Winter, it can be easy to mourn the end of Summer. Now, more than ever, we need to notice and become aware of the Beauty and Abundance that surrounds us at this magical time of year. It is the time of the year when we can truly take stock of all the beautiful gifts in our lives, and also take stock of all that we need to let go of before our Winter hibernation.

As the leaves fall, it may seem that Nature has gone into hibernation much before us, but there is one gem who still shows her abundance, and that is Apple. Even as her leaves fall, she still holds on to her fruit, reminding us of her nourishing gifts, of which she has many. Recently at Derrynagittah we connected deeply with Apple over a 3 day plant diet. We connected with her many gifts, such as Beauty, Abundance, Healing and Magic.

Apple is one of the oldest cultivated trees in Europe. It is ruled by Venus, and strongly linked to the element of water. For these reasons it is associated with Healing, Love, Magic, Abundance, Fertility and the Goddess.

Apple holds so much Beauty and Heart it can nearly be overwhelming; from her  glossy leaves, to her delicate five petal flowers, to her luscious juicy fruit. By just sitting with the Apple Tree, or eating one of her Apples mindfully, we can receive that Beauty and take it into all of our cells.

By truly focusing on the Apple as we eat it, it is not only Beauty we receive, but Magic too. Apple is strongly linked to Magic and has been revered as a magical Tree in folklore from around the world. In Celtic tradition Avalon was also known as the Isle of Apples, ruled by the Fairy Queen, Morgan le Fey. Morgan le Fey is a magical priestess who leads us through the mists into the land of Mysteries and the unknown. It is said if you eat one of her apples, you are nourished by her wisdom and knowledge. She is a Celtic Triple Goddess, representing the Maiden, Mother and Crone and helpful at all stages of Life and Death. She is the Lady of the Barge who takes us to the Otherworld, either at Death or for a temporary visit.

Apple has a strong link to Death and Rebirth. In Norse Folklore, Apple is the Tree of Immortality, and the Celts also attributed the power of healing and youth to apples. In the Ogham alphabet, Apple is Quert and is associated with wholeness. Through the Apple we receive healing, renewal, regeneration and wholeness. Apple also represents the spiritual warrior who is not afraid of travelling beyond the mortal realm to face death, sacrifice and hardship, in order to benefit his or her tribe. Apple represents protection for these journeys. The centre of the apple is a talisman of protection.

 If you cut through the core of an Apple, you will see a perfect five-pointed star: a pentagram. The pentagram has long been a symbol of Magic, and the five points can be seen as Spirit with the elements in balance: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. If you look closely enough, not only can you see a five-pointed star, but it is placed on top of a ten-pointed star. The ten-pointed star is our connection with Spirit, our Divine Self and with the Spirit of the Apple. By taking the five-pointed star and the ten-pointed star into our bodies, we begin to know our true magical selves, and speak the truth of our true selves. We should embrace our own magic, dare to be different, and speak our own Divine Truth.

When we truly embrace her, and speak our own Truth, she helps us to open our hearts to the abundance in our lives, and shows us how to give everything, in the trust that all will be replenished. We can recognise our own Abundance and nourish ourselves completely. We can heal ourselves.

Apple brings us such gifts of abundance and nourishment, but she can also show us how to let go of that which no longer serves us. She helps us know what is right and what is no longer necessary in our lives. Just as Apple drops her fruit as we move deeper into Winter, we can follow her lead, and let go of all that no longer brings us nourishment, only holding on to the seeds of Beauty deep within our souls.