Redwood Initiation 2017

Redwood Initiation 2017

Redwood reminded us that ‘love is all there is’ and brought deep peace

In September 2017, a group of 25 people gathered in the Santa Cruz mountains, California to honour the majestic Redwoods. We spent 4 days on pilgrimage and in sacred ceremony, dreaming with the Redwoods and receiving an initiation to universal consciousness.

This was our third consecutive Redwood diet. I was first called to do ceremony with Redwood trees during a visit to the Sacred Forest of the Damanhur Community, Italy. The vision I received at Damanhur led to a public Redwood Initiation ceremony at Rivers Bend, California in 2015. At that event, I made a commitment to the Redwoods to help them further their mission. My contract with the trees involved doing ceremony with them for three consecutive years. In 2016 this took the form of a Redwood Pilgrimage and diet in Ireland, visiting Redwoods and sacred sites and linking with groups doing simultaneous Redwood ceremonies in Northern California. This year’s diet represented a culmination of energies gathered through time and space.

As a group, we toned Oneness inside this magnificent hollow Redwood tree.


Redwood facilitated direct connection with Source and opened a portal to other realms, other timelines, all time, no time.
With exquisite gentleness, Redwood offers healing, strength, support, balancing, nourishment and protection.

Thoughts on this cycle of 3 initiations

In the 2015 initiation there was a huge opening that occurred. For many of the participants, it signaled a time of opening to new information, including messages from the Star Nations.

In 2016, it felt we were anchoring the new energies and weaving them into the fabric of the Earth while continuing to build the Rainbow Bridge between Europe and the Americas. The Oak played a more active role and we experienced a lot of ancestral healing and clearing of old patterns.

Now in 2017 there has been an emphasis on activation & embodiment, building bridges and the practical application of our Sacred Dream. We are called to be fully present in active service; to have the courage, confidence and active will to embody our Soul’s Dream and to really live it. The Redwoods are supporting us to walk as Sacred Humans, embodying love and actively dreaming in a New World for the children. They help us to dissolve limitation - part of the awakening of unity consciousness and healing the split between humans and nature.


The Redwoods came forward as bridge builders, helping to build bridges on all levels: between aspects of self, between self & others, between male & female, between spiritual traditions, nations and continents. The Redwoods connect Heaven & Earth and they are instrumental in helping to build and anchor the Rainbow Bridge on our planet.

The Redwoods have told me there is more to do so I await further instructions! Since returning to Ireland I feel an even stronger dance going on between Redwood and Oak. My perception is of the Redwoods and the Oaks together igniting the Emerald light of Ireland. Not that the flame was not already lit, but it burns more strongly and the Emerald Flame of the land continues to be fed by the trees and is reflecting its light back to Turtle Island…more to unfold…

I’ll finish with a beautiful quote from one of our group:

“The love song of the Universe is the wind blowing through the Redwoods”