Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge ceremony has been performed by indigenous peoples around the world from ancient times up to the present and is a simple and powerful antidote to the mind maze of our modern Western culture. It purifies, restores and opens us to our heart bonding with life, to experience our lives as a gift and a blessing. The ceremony clarifies our path in life and strengthens us to take the steps we need to celebrate our lives and bring them into balance.

In the Sweat Lodge we come to ask for healing and support not only for ourselves but for all our relations that share this Earth Walk with us. We come to know our sacred responsibility for the welfare of those from all of the Worlds with whom we share this Earth and that we, as humans, are the determiners of the future. So we come questing to understand what this means for us individually and collectively, to become a little wiser with the way we use our power. This is a community gathering and all are welcome to attend.

“Do mo Ghaolta go léir For all my relations Aho Mitakuye Oyasin”